If I offered you the unique opportunity to sit at the feet of business, sales, personal development, and leadership experts soaking up their insights, would you turn it down?

What if I told you time would be your only investment?  (As in, these are free!)

My mission in 2021 is to serve small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs like you.

Since January, I’ve been privileged to meet and build relationships with many extremely smart and generous individuals on an invite-only platform called Clubhouse. They’ve shared insights that have helped me immensely.

I believe you deserve the same opportunity.

Join me and a special guest expert each month on my live, virtual Casual Talks With Business Mentors.

You'll learn from experienced leaders on subjects like:

  • The keys to living every day with purpose even when life's difficult
  • The financial numbers that truly matter in your business - and the ones that don't
  • What phrases should never be in your communication with customers or employees
  • Are networking events a waste of time?
  • Why you should never sell without a script
  • The one tool that gives you instant authority and credibility
  • And more...

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