If you're ready to excel in life and in business,
let us help you design your MasterPlan for Success.

Welcome! I'm Scott Hartley, President and CEO here at MasterPlan4Success. I'm here to help you be the most successful you. I'll help you discover you dreams, develop an action plan, and achieve your goals. Whether you're being coached by me personally, enjoying this month's Success Strategies webinar, or having us develop a campaign in Infusionsoft for you, everything we do is for you.

​I encourage you to look around here and see what​​​ you can get from us. You can ​have us build you a website or an Infusionsoft campaign, create a video, write a ​knock-your-socks-off sales letter, ​or pretty much anything else you can think of, with our Marketing Implementation Services.​​​​ Or, you can join other ​success-minded professionals and learn from the best in business in your choice of ​Coaching Groups. ​You can even get one-on-one coaching from me!

​​How We Help you grow your business

​Business and Marketing ​Coaching

​Whether you're in a MasterMind Group with other success-minded professionals or getting one-on-one coaching from Scott, you'l​l benefit from our unique coaching strategy.

We will help you ​​clarify what you want in your life and what is preventing you from having that, then create a detailed plan to break through the obstacles keeping you from your goals.

​Infusionsoft Implementation

​Infusionsoft is a powerful CRM platform capable of doing almost anything ​your small business needs. But to truly harness the power of Infusionsoft, you need to ​really​ know it. ​​​And with nearly 7 years combined experience, we ​really​ know it.

So if you're new to Infusionsoft, or if you're a​ power user who just doesn't have time, we've got you covered. If it's possible in Infusionsoft, we​'​ll help you get it done, no matter how complex your needs.

​Full Day Business Strategy Coaching

​If you want to dive deep into the core of your business ​to ​​​refine every detail​ and craft a solid growth and development ​strategy, ​​traditional coaching ​shouldn't be your only option.

If ​you want fast results, immediate action, and the most in-depth strategizing available, come visit Scott in Indianapolis for a full day dedicated to one thing: ​you​.​​​ With a private office ​downtown and a catered meal, you and up to 3 other ​colleagues will experience the ​single most productive day in your business's history.

​Scott's Blog

We're feverishly working on some new content.  Check back soon!

​​How We've Helped People Like You

​Hi! I'm Scott. I founded MasterPlan4Success to help small business owners like you achieve their dreams. I am and always have been very passionate about teaching and mentoring. In fact, I've earned a Master of Arts in Teaching and a Bachelor of Arts in Bible-Youth Ministry just so I can better teach and mentor others.

But I'm a learner too. Just like you, I'm always looking to learn and grow both personally and professionally.​ I hope you'll join me.

If you'd like to learn more about who I am and what my mission is, as well as be introduced to the rest of the MasterPlan4Success team, head over to our ​Who We Are page.