Infusionsoft Implementation Services

​Focus on what you do best & leave the setup to us

​It’s 5 a.m. when your alarm’s annoying buzzer awakens you from sleep.  You slide out of bed and prepare for a long day’s work.  

From the moment you walk through your office door to the time you retreat to the solitude of your car for the drive home, you’re pulled in a million different directions.  

Customers, employees, and vendors all clamor for your attention.  Paperwork piles up on your desk. Emails fill your inbox.

Not to mention that ever-growing to-do list that continues to overwhelm you.

As you prepare to leave for the day, you suddenly remember that special promotion you wanted to send to all your customers.  It’s been a long day, so you decide it can wait.

“One day, I’ll get around to getting Infusionsoft set up to help with some of these tasks,” you say to yourself.  

But one day never comes.

​You know Infusionsoft’s powerful automation can free up your time and help you conquer the chaos of running a small business.

But, like every small business owner, you just don’t have the time to implement it yourself.

Management consultant Peter Drucker wisely counseled, “Do what you do best and outsource the rest.”

​With our Infusionsoft Done-For-You Service, our team of Infusionsoft experts will:

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    ​Build out your marketing campaigns,
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    ​structure your tagging system,
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    ​configure your lead scoring,
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    integrate third party apps,
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    connect your membership site with Infusionsoft,
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    design your landing pages,
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    ​and more - whatever your particular project requirements entail.

You’ll be able to focus your time and energy on YOUR business when you allow us to build the Infusionsoft processes to support it.

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​Frequently Asked Questions

​Who is this for?

​What​ does it cost?​​​

​How​ do I sign up?​​​

​What the Infusionsoft Done-For-You Service includes:

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    ​An initial phone consultation with an Implementation Manager to discuss your specific needs, requirements, and desired results for your Infusionsoft project.
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    Complete set-up and configuration of Infusionsoft for your project (see below)
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    Testing of the Infusionsoft components prior to release.
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    ​Regular communication with you providing updates and requesting additional information.
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    Complimentary access to the Success Accelerators Club™ - a $79/month value – if enrolled in a monthly recurring plan

​Your complete set-up and configuration of Infusionsoft for your project includes:

  • ​building out your marketing campaigns,
  • ​structuring your tagging system,
  • ​configuring your lead scoring
  • integrating third party apps
  • connecting your membership site with Infusionsoft
  • designing your landing pages
  • and more!

What the Infusionsoft Done-For-You Service does NOT include:

  • Training on how to use Infusionsoft.
    The done-for-you service relieves you of having to do the tedious work.  If you’d like to learn how to better use your Infusionsoft app, check out our Beyond the Kickstart™ Infusionsoft Training service.
  • Web site/membership site design work or domain configuration.
    Our done-for-you service includes creating web forms and landing pages or connecting your membership site with Infusionsoft, but any work to be done on your website, membership site, or configuring your domain name would be performed under our Website Design Services.
  • ​Copywriting, copy-editing, or content creation services.                             You will need to provide all verbiage, images, videos, and other content for your project.  Our team of professional copywriters and videographers can create content for you as an add-on service
  • The cost of third-party integration software.                                                       You will need to purchase any third-party integrations so that they are billed directly to you.
  • Anything outside the Infusionsoft app.